IETM | Contemporary Performing Arts in Belgium: An Overview

Na het organiseren van hun jaarlijkse conferentie in Brussel in november 2017, publiceert het IETM een cartografie van de hedendaagse podiumkunsten in België, met een glimp binnen de Belgische artistieke wereld. Het reflecteert de administratieve complexheid van ons land in 3 hoofdstukken: eentje over Brussel, eentje over Vlaanderen en eentje over Wallonië. 

Behind its Eurocratic fame, Brussels is a city with a rich, original and mixed artistic scene, which reflects the diversity of its population. Brussels is also the capital of a small country at the heart of Europe, Belgium, with three historical language communities - Dutch, French and German and countless languages spoken in the streets.
Welcoming since the 1950s thousands of foreigners from virtually anywhere in the world, Belgium is both a place of encounter and paradox, a bureaucratic headache, and an immense source of creativity.
This mapping provides an overview of the Belgian artistic scene, being divided into a section about Flanders, one about Wallonia, and one about Brussels.

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