CAE | Paper over de toekomst van Europa en de rol van cultuur en kunst

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Wat is de toekomst van Europa? Welke rol kunnen cultuur en kunsten spelen? De discussienota "Belonging and Becoming: A cultural response to the White Paper on the Future of Europe and the accompanying reflection papers" probeert deze vraag te beantwoorden en verzamelt de stem van meer dan 500 culturele spelers in heel Europa. [artikel in het Engels]

The Rome declaration (2017) commits to build a Europe “where citizens have new opportunities for cultural and social development” and places culture squarely within the social domain of EU action, with the promotion of cultural diversity at its core. Nonetheless, the role of culture in building a positive future for Europe is absent from the European Commission’s White Paper.

Culture Action Europe (CAE) consulted member organisations, European networks, partners and the wider civil society on the implication of the White Paper, by convening regional meetings (“hubs”) in eight European countries and through an open real-time online conversation (“Jamm’Europe”), moderated by CAE experts and involving 527 people. During the process we discussed the proposed scenarios and their possible implications for the future of Europe, producing and debating a wide range of creative ideas, critical analysis, aspirations and concerns that directly inform the reflections and proposals below.


  •  The Cultural Sector’s assessment of the 5 Scenarios
  • Guiding principles and actions for a 6th Scenario
  • A cultural response to the European Commission reflection papers
  •  Reflection paper on the social dimension of Europe
  • Reflection paper on harnessing globalisation
  • Reflection paper on the future of European defence
  • Reflection paper on the future of EU finances

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