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Het Center Leo Apostel for Transdisciplinary Studies (CLEA) van de VUB organiseert zijn eerste internationale artscience symposium: ‘Systems At Play: The Self-Organising Symposium on Self-Organisation’.

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The symposium starts from the idea that art and science are mutually beneficial means of perception and insight creation. It thus provides a transdisciplinary contact zone for artists and scientists to meet, exchange, think, share, take time, and, ultimately, play together.

Then, what shall we talk and play about? Well, it’s up to you where it ends up, but our starting points are the ideas of ‘emergence’, ‘self-organisation’, and ‘goal-directedness’. More specifically, participating artists and scientists are invited to collectively tackle creative challenges in an embodied way. We will feed and facilitate this process with presentations, conversations, workshops and live games during the day, and performances, talks and film screenings during the evening.

Rather than simply organise a symposium simply about self-organisation, we are attempting to organise a self-organising symposium on self-organisation, one that determines its own final goals through all our interactions together. We recognize that we cannot fully predict the processes, outcomes and final goal, nor do we want to. The symposium will become a shared research object, as well as a strange loop in which topic and method merge and multiply.

Artists and scientists are invited to participate through two open calls: one, to participate in the symposium; and two, to participate as well as prepare an input presentation, in the form of a talk, performance, interactive game, or film screening. 

For more info on how to apply for both the call for participants and the call for presentations, please look here.

Artistieke & culturele sector Communicatie Samenwerking

Praktische info

15 feb. 2023
18 feb. 2023
  • 15/02/2023 tot 18/02/2023
  • 10 uur - 16 uur
  • PILAR House for Art & Science, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Gebouw Y) Triomflaan, (VUB Ingang 6), 1050 Brussel, België
  • De kostenstructuur is gebaseerd op gelijkheid en toegankelijkheid, lees er meer over op de site van CLEAA.

Inschrijven voor het evenement kan via deze link [E]