Tijdens de STADSSALONSURBAINS van de Brussels Academy worden professoren in Urban Studies uitgenodigd om hun ideeën over de stad van de toekomst te delen met het Brusselse publiek. Op vrijdag 25 november zal Maria Kaika (University of Manchester) een presentatie geven rond het thema:  "Europe's new Janus face: Between compassion and solidarity". (in het Engels)

Is the city the future? Most definitely! Throughout the last decade many new ideas and insights have been presented in the field of Urban Studies. At the STADSSALONSURBAINS, renowned international professors are invited to present their ideas about the future of the city to a Brussels audience.

The STADSSALONSURBAINS are a series of English lectures and documentary screenings for urban professionals, students and all city lovers. On Fridays at 17:30 at Beursschouwburg. A meeting point for urbanites, just before the weekend starts!


30/09/2016 | Urban development and planning conflicts | Enrico Gualini (TU Berlin, DE)

07/10/2016 | Documentary “Our City” | Maria Tarantino (Documentary maker)

25/11/2016 @ KaaitheaterEurope’s new Janus face: Between compassion and solidarity | Maria Kaika (Manchester University)

09/12/2016 | Contested Cities: Muslim Piety in Secular Places | Berna Turam (Northeastern University, USA)

!!! 25/11 Maria Kaika (Manchester University): “Europe’s new Janus face” -> Exceptionally at Kaaitheater (Sainctelettesquare 20, 1000 Bxl) from 5pm to 6.30pm.


The Brussels Academy has wild cards for research centres and organisations that would like to invite a professor in the broad field of Urban Studies to lecture at their STADSSALONSURBAINS series. If you know international professors visiting Brussels in 2016 or 2017, let them know! Contact them at

Diversiteit Europa Stadsontwikkeling

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25 nov. 2016

vendredi 25/11/16, de 17.00 à 18.30 @ Kaaitheater (Sainctelettesquare 20, 1000 Bxl)

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