Brussels Academy | Lessenreeks "Money & the City"

Van februari tot maart organiseert de Brussels Academy elke vrijdag van 14u tot 16u een lessenreeks in het Engels rond het thema "Money & the City". 

Money plays a crucial role in the city. A look at the skyline of buildings in Brussels shows us the headquarters of private banks and financial regulators, the offices of European lobby firms, and the activities of private funds investing in high value real estate developments. Money is also part of people’s everyday life: when taking a loan to pay off your house, when using a financial service app, when investing in shares through your local bank, when shopping at your local cooperative shop. But also when we pay taxes to see it reinvested in society through the city’s public services and infrastructure. Ultimately, money takes centre stage in political decisions on trade agreements, banking regulations, interest rates, and complex financial product – policy domains seemingly outside our reach and comprehension.

While money plays a crucial role, its workings and effects remain somewhat mysterious. What happens behind the doors of financial offices? What control do you really have over your own money? Following an introductory session, we shed light on different spaces inhabited and shaped by finance, such as housing and real estate; art; the banking industry and FinTech; taxes and lobbying and financial alternatives in everyday life.

Moderator: Eric Corijn (Brussels Academy)

In collaboration with CosmopolisFairFin & Financité


03/02Intro : How does money make the city ?David Bassens (VUB), Frank van Aerschot (FairFin)
10/02Who owns the city ? Brussels and its real estateManuel Aalbers (KUL), Sarah De Boeck (VUB), Geert De Pauw & Thibault Leroy (Community Land Trust)
17/02On art, value and the built environment Ronny Heiremans & Katleen Vermeir – “Masquerade” (factual-fictual reportage) David Bassens (VUB) – Art & Finance
24/02Making money with apps? Debating the FinTech revolutionReijer Hendrikse (VUB), Hilde Verschaeve (Trafiek vzw)
10/03Brussels, capital of lobby and tax evasion Rodrigo Fernandez (KUL/ SOMO), Corporate Europe Observatory
17/03Banks and our money: what about the alternatives? FairFin

Praktische info

03 feb. 2017
17 mrt. 2017


Vendredi / Vrijdag

03-02 - 10/02 - 17/02 - 24/02 - 10/03 - 17/03

14.00 > 16.00

@ Maison des Cultures - Huis van Culturen Molenbeek (Rue Mommaertsstraat 4, 1080 BXL)

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