CERA Impuls | A learning network for participational art practices

In the context of Cera Impuls program, Demos and Cera have selected organisations that strive to combine the strengthening of their participational art practices with working with people in vulnerable situations. We want to include the broad field of participational practices. That’s why we’re putting together a learning network around each of those six selected trajectories.

Learning network 1 - When citizens take over the programming 
Kick-off meeting: 9 December 2019 

Learning network 2 - A participatory arts festival: making it more sustainable
in order to strengthen local dynamics.
Kick-off meeting: 5 December 2019

Learning network 3 - Towards cultural democracy for newcomers through talent development and coaching
Kick-off meeting: 15 November 2019

Learning network 4 - Towards radical equality en accesibility in the arts andart education
Kick-off meeting: 2 December 2019

Learning trajectory 5 - From a participational project to a broadly supported

and sustainable collaboration with a social impact
Kick-off meeting: 28 November 2019

Learning network 6 - Participation for young people in youth care via a SOCIAL ARTISTICAL PLATFORM
Kick-off meeting: 17 December 2019

Organisations, professionals and individual artists from Flanders and Brussels that want to be included in one (or more) of those selected trajectories can access of those learning networks to exchange experiences or inspiration. Each of these learning networks starts with an exploratory meeting at the end of 2019 and after that will come together twice a year. As a member of this learning network it is recommended but not compulsory to attend all the network meetings. You can inscribe for free, thanks to the financial support of Cera.

Questions or more information?

Contact the coordinators of the Cera Impuls program:

An Van den Bergh - - T. +32 (0)2 204 07 00 of +32 (0)474 64 98 03 
Ann Van de Vyvere - - T. +32 (0)2 204 07 00 of +32 (0)468 12 69 90

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