I-WIRE & SMart | Enquête over freelancers

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SMart is deel van het Europese I-WIRE project dat als doel heeft om het fenomeen van de 'nieuwe autonome werkers' (of freelancers) beter te begrijpen en te identificeren hoe ze vertegenwoordigd worden. Momenteel loopt er een enquête om de mening en ervaring van freelancers te verzamelen. [artikel in het Engels]

SMart is a partner in the European I-WIRE project, which aims to better understand the phenomenon of "new independant workers" and to identify their forms of representativeness.

By "new independant workers" we mean a variety of occupational situations, all characterized by broad autonomy at work. In most cases, these will be self-employed workers, but we are also interested in "freelancers" who use various intermediary companies in order to obtain salaried status and thus secure their activity through:  a cooperative (Dies, SMart… ), an umbrella company, a body-shopping company, etc.

Among the various stages of the project, a survey is ongoing to collect the opinion of these workers. This is why I-WIRE need you!

The survey can be found at: http://www.i-wire.eu/survey/